sábado, 21 de março de 2009

Frumpy - By the Way


I’m singing songs nearly every night,
But I don’t know who’s listening.
‘Cause you’re down in dark
And I’m up here in light
a only now and then I see a face of you.
But what’s going on behind your face,
why did you come to this place ?
Is it really music, or is it something else…
Sometimes I can read it from your eyes.
‘Cause sometimes, when you’re with me
I can feel reflections of your souls.
Then I’m with you and I know,
all I’m doing is just feeling so good.
And when the show is over
I’m like everyone.
I pack up my guitar and maybe
I’m satisfied with what I’ve done.
Hummm, it’s not easy all the time,
When you’re standing on your side
And I’m on mine.
Maybe you want me to act like a star,
But just this night.
I’ve got a completely empty heart.
Lost is every word in my song,
When you see my bowed head and you think,
My place is wrong.
‘Cause though you’re strong
a sometimes wise,
you’re getting angry when your clown is crying.
I know, that we all need a push to live on,
But you have to live your life
and I live it in my song.
And if you need somebody to help
So don’t look at me ‘cause I need help myself
And when the show is over
I’m like everyone.
I pack up my guitar and maybe
I’m satisfied with what I’ve done.

Informações: http://www.progarchives.com/album.asp?id=11330
Download (Album): http://sharebee.com/f6f112ec

quarta-feira, 18 de março de 2009

Lily - "V.C.U." (We See You)

Ano: 1973
Wilfried Kirchmeier - Bass, Vocals and Synthi
Manfred Schlagmuller - Drums and Percussion
Hans-Werner Steinberg - Tenor and Soprano Saxes
Manfred-Josef Schmid - Guitar
Klaus Lehmann - Guitars

Download: http://sharebee.com/0fa697c5

sexta-feira, 6 de março de 2009

Van der Graaf Generator - H to He Who Am the Only One

So you live in the bottom of the sea,
and you kill all that come near you ...
but you are very lonely, because all the other fish
fear you ...
And you crave companionship and someone to call your own;
because for the whole of your life you've been living alone.
On a black day in black month
at the black bottom of the sea,
Your mother gave birth to you and died
immediately ...
'Cos you can't have two killers living in the same pad
and when your mother knew that her time had come
she was really rather glad.
Death in the sea, death in the sea,
somebody please come and help me, come and help me
Fishes can't fly, fishes can't fly,
Fishes can't and neither can I, neither can I ...
Now I'm really rather like you,
for I've killed all the love I ever had
by not doing all I ought to and by leaving my mind coming
And I too am a killer, for emotion runs as deep as flesh
and I too am so lonely, and I wish that I could forget
We need love,
We need love,
We need love ...........

Informações: http://www.progarchives.com/album.asp?id=1416
Download (Album): http://sharebee.com/f623043b