domingo, 4 de novembro de 2007

French TV - Intestinal Fortitude


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Robin Hood disse...

Thanx for these two good albums

edulms disse...

Do you think that in this album have Frank Zappa's influeced ?

Robin Hood disse...

Sometimes yes of course, by their ingenuous refrains (but to all appearance only); they remember to myself other American RIO bands like Mr Bungle or the English Cardiacs. Whereas Darryl Way's Wolf remember some sounds of the first King Crimson's and Curved Air's albums. Bye.

edulms disse...

French TV is one of new groups that I've great admiration; about Darryl Way's Wolf not's between my favourites but like of some tracks (in this album I prefer the last called Macdonald's Lament)
Thanks for the comments !

joaocozac disse...

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edulms disse...

Sim, tem ajuda: faça pelo BADONGO...

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