quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2007

If - Waterfall

INFORMAÇÕES: http://www.progarchives.com/album.asp?id=15873
DOWNLOAD: http://sharebee.com/5936a564

8 comentários:

U.G. disse...

Maybe you have the first 3 album of this band?

aroundtheblogs disse...

I started a joke, but I found the naked truth. I started it all to test how much freedom the music bloggers think is right to have in their community. But I sadly found A WORLD OF HYPOCRITES.
I found:
1) bloggers that everyday steal music, cover arts, album credits and so on from the legal rights owners to post them in their blogs, that becomes crazy of rage if someone takes their (their?) links to do the same thing in another blog, and call leecher - intended as thief - who get the links. Thiefs that call thief who simply amplify their works, that they say is "sharing"! Hypocrites!
2) a blogger totally fuzzed that owns a blog that do not post anything but only links to other blogs that blacklist a site that do not post but only links! Hypocrite!
3) bloggers that say that they do their blogs to share their music that are jealous of what they share, and pretend to put rules regarding the use you must do of what they share! Hypocrites!
4) bloggers that show jelaousy and verbal and ideological violence towards who do not think like them, in a community born for the free exchange of music, experience and culture. Hypocrites!
I started a joke, and what's better than a naked girl (do you really thought I am really interested in such a poor thing like a nude in the modern world yet full of it?) to provoke a reaction and see what kind of people you are? Nobody resists to say something about, and to judge, eventually! And what's better than repost some link! The educations is soon revealed: ChrisGR menace me of a kick in the balls! And how much like sheeps to say: shame... and ready to condamn. For such poor things!
This is your world, a world you made full of hypocrisy, jealuosy and black lists. It' seems to me too similar to some reich we knew... Think about it, bloggers...
And so the game it's over, 'cos I'm yet tired of this all. But at last, I'd like to see if the BIg Chief Fuz will have the balls to publish this. But, sadly, I think no...


edulms disse...

I have the second and third albums dear friend and tomorrow I'll post !

U.G. disse...

Thanx for you kindness,ciao

U.G. disse...

About "aroundtheblogs":
First,he (or she?) is an idiot.
Second, the copy rights "ab aeterno" are impositions of capitalist society and all of us must fight against them.
Third: thiefs are labels who sell cd at a high price and give few money at the artists.
Fourth:use a nickname only when make accusations, that is hypocrit.
Last but not least to post albums on mp3 format help the sale of cds, because a guy first listens to the music and after, if he likes it,purchases the album in wav format (that has a better sound), to purchase all albums blindly you can do it if you are billionare and it is an injustice if poor people can't do it...
In the end: as we say in Italy:
Ma vai a fan culo!

Roderick Verden disse...

I agree with U.G. I'm a poor man. I don't have money to buy Cds with high price. Vinis price are high too.
Musical blogs are like heaven.
I'm not hypocrite. I thank bloggers for sharing great and alternative musics.
Somo bloggers are unkind, but almost all bloggers are kinds.
Edulms is a good man, U.G. is a good man too.

edulms disse...

Many thanks for your presence my friends; the important for me is the happiness of you !

Anita Cindy disse...

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